Target Archery

Target Archery

Toxophily sounds like a nasty disease, but if you do catch the archery bug, don’t worry – plenty of people have it and still live happily!
Archery at ODD is an experience which will leave you Quiver-ing with excitement! (archery joke)

We’ll brief you on
safety and all the tackle

show you
how to correctly hold your bow
nocking (properly placing your arrow on the bow string )(nocking),
addressing the target and taking aim.
draw, hold, release and follow through

Distance from the target will increase as your skill improves
A great buzz guaranteed when your arrow lands smack in the centre of the target!

Ideal for
groups of all ages, big or small
part of a multi activity leisure or teambuilding event
can be run off-site for fetes and festivals

As part of an adult multi-activity package: go to Special Offers
Under 16s: more info at Youth Groups&SchoolsorFamily Fun