Rage Buggy Racing

Rage Buggy Racing

ODD’s 620cc Rage Motorsport racing buggies deliver a fast and furious ride.
The wetter the weather the more extreme this rallying experience gets.

We explain this with the following formula:

Mountain scenery = rain = slippy hairpins (+ off-road style humps+ jumps) + (class buggies x 4) = tail-sliding paradise!
So much so, on dry days we make sure to wet those hairpins down!
You’re probably already calling us, mad to get strapped in and GO, but finish reading the info below first!

Don’t confuse with karting:

-for safety we limit these unrestricted bring-it-on buggies to four on the track max
– about the same size as a Mini, with roll cage and safety side netting
-not suitable for under 16s.
It is ‘them buggies’ our customers most book for themselves – so guaranteed to be a winning Christmas gift. Buy a Rage Buggy Rally Event online at our Gift Experience Shop

Before you start flying by the seat of your pants you’ll:

-be issued helmets and racing suit /wet gear
-be given a detailed briefing by your senior marshal.
-be strapped in to your 4 point harness.
Then it’s over to you to find the best line once the flag goes down and racing against the clock begins. There’s only one winners medal, but everyone leaves with great selfies and a huge grin!

Two formats:

-Sprint Racing – continuous timed laps. 10 up to 25 laps depending on party size
-Rally Event – two separate driving sessions – usually 5 lap practice and 15 lap timed racing heats, followed by a 3-lap final for the four heat winners, and a winners medal.
Rage in our Machines:
-as a private group event (pre-booked), as a single activity or part of a multi-activity package
-on reserved Rally Event Days for gift voucher holders. Christmas approaches, so start hinting!
-off-peak sessions for 2 or more
– stay longer and add paintball, hovercraft racing, clay pigeon shooting, or Powerturn Dragsters

Price List (Age 16y+)

Groups 1-5 persons:
Rage Buggy Rally Experience : €85pp

Groups of 6 persons +:
Rage Buggy Rally Experience : €75pp
Mid-Week Rage Rallysprint: €50pp

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