Prepare to be blown away by our High-Tech, Explosive, Carnage-laden Laser Combat Experience, where only the brave and the bold escape a laser lashing!

Your weapon:

Sci-fi design accurate up to 125m!
Connected to your LED-rigged helmet with speakers
Visual Display Ammo counter counts down to zero
Last life announcement

Your ammo:

pre-set rounds of infra-red shells and grenades
pre-set number of ‘lives’ varying as game plan or group size requires

The games:

are between two teams in varying scenarios requiring
-Attack and defend battles
-Stealth operations
-Rescue missions
Dont get hit – your helmet lights up, and your gun alarm goes off. Life lost!


a remote wooded battle zone, cut off from civilisation, dumped by battle bus!
Who should play:
Perfect ‘GI Janes’ theme for Hens
Team building events for corporate, sports or youth groups
Family groups of 4+ and junior birthday parties for age 10+
Stag parties who don’t want paintball pain

Price List (Age 10y+)

Groups 8 persons +:
1hr Woodland Combat Games : €25ppMidweek or Sundays : €20pp
90 min Woodland Combat Games: €35pp Midweek or Sundays : €30pp