Hover Drift Experience

Hover Drift Experience

There’s no other machine quite as quirky as a hovercraft.
They’re challenging, exciting, scarily unpredictable and great fun. That about covers it!

What Hovercraft Racing at ODD is:

-a completely unique flying lesson
– a single-seater Formula 25 hovercraft
– part plane-part jet ski, with no brakes!
-like driving on ice –you aim to go forward, preferably not sideways – and not doing donuts!
-racing a craft you are not harnessed into
-a bit weather-dependant (high winds and fog aren’t good)

What it isn’t:

-not for wimps!
-not for under 16s
-something you’ve experienced before!

What makes ODD’s hovercraft experience unique:

-only venue in Ireland
-only venue using wild open water as part of the course
-only venue with grass to lake and lake to grass transition points (also known as shoreline!)
-you leave as a Pilot!

What happens when you get here:

-issued with lifejackets, wet gear and helmet
-a full briefing and ongoing tuition from our experienced instructors
-learn how to lift, move forward, set down and stop
-fly solo against the clock, two craft at a time, at full throttle to keep your ‘nose’ up!
-you ignore the warning voices in your head about heading off the water at full speed, and you GO FOR IT!

When you can fly:

-usually Thurs day – Sunday as a small group or couple,pre-booked. (note: 17 stone weight restriction)
-on reserved Hovercrafting Grand Prix Event days for voucher holders.
4 -7-lap ‘taster’ as part of a multi-activity package go to Special Offers or Stag and Hen or Last Minute Deals:
10 timed lap Sprint Experience
15 timed lap Grand Prix Event with winners medal. Ideal Christmas Experience Gift!

Price List (Age 16y+)

Groups 1-5 persons:
Hover-Drift Racing Experience : €125
Mid-Week Hover-Drift Taster Experience €69pp

Groups of 6 persons +:
Hover-Drift Racing Experience: €99pp
Mid- Week Hover-Drift Taster Experience: €69pp45

Larger groups see Special Offers
book, or buy as an Experience Gift