High Ropes Crate Stack Challenge

High Ropes Crate Stack Challenge

One of our most popular hen party activities, so even though it’s part of our teambuilding portfolio, it’s got a page of its own!
You’ll be safe and snug within a climbing harness which is attached to a rope and belays,with your instructor at the other end! Your challenge is to build a stack of beer crates while standing on them, against the clock, without falling off! Highest stack wins of course.

(We regret you don’t get to empty the crate before you start climbing, we already did that..)
This is a personal challenge for many, as the rope won’t be supporting you until the stack wobbles and topples over – at which point you will be safely left swinging high and dry!
A fun and rewarding challenge for all teambuilding events, especially youth, schools and junior sports teams, and
Probably the best crate stack event in the world.

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