Kids Birthday Bash

Junior Paintball Birthday Bash!


Get all your Friends together for a combat zone Birthday Bash!
Get kitted out in combat overalls, face mask and body protection before taking control of your weapon!
Jump onto the combat bus and take a short spin to your war destination.
Now at your war zone destination, out-doors in a large woodland area get into your teams and battke it out with different war games for 1hr.

See more information on Junior Paintball here 

Is it Safe?

Splatball is a great activity that can be enjoyed by a large group of kids, or by all the family. Suitable for ages of 7 years +

It is a game between two teams in various attack and defend woodland battle scenarios, using low velocity paintballs as ammo, fired from a marker. The winners are the team who take out the enemy and complete their mission.

Splatball is NOT like regular paintball.  Splatball is played with low impact paint, therefore no bruising or pain.


After coming out of the war zone, its feeding time!
Cool down with a glass of squash and feed the hunger with a slice of pizza!


Package: 1hr Junior Paintball + Pizza + Squash
Only €225 for up to 8 persons.
Any extra pay €25pp. 

Call Now for a book! +353499523877 
or email info@odd.ie