Group System FAQ’s


After many years of searching, we where delighted to introduce our On-Line Group Payment System over 3 years ago and it has been proving a very popular tool among our groups!

Previously, groups would have to delay booking for their group while collecting payment and this often resulted in hotels booking out. Disaster!  Or, you as organiser paid upfront – then prayed the others settled up with you fast!

But Now–Organisers can book early with our Group Payment System, then relax while everyone pays for themselves; direct, and online.

Frequently asked questions:

How many people make a group?

Two! However, this system is offered to parties of 10 and over.

How do I book my event package?

Once you have checked availability and decided on the package you want, call us with card details* to pay your reservation fee, normally equal to payment for two persons. We then set up a group payment system for the rest of your group and send you log in details. Once you have everyone’s email address entered the system will send out invites with the planned itinerary and full details.[
* We accept Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards. N Ireland and UK customers will not be able to use sterling-only Maestro cards.

What if someone in the group has no email address or contact telephone number for me to put into the system?

If they have no email address the system cannot send them an invitation, but another member of the party can make a payment for them, provided you add the person’s name.
To ‘save’ them as a member of the party you will also need to ‘invent’ an email address such as test@gmail.com and /or enter 0000000 as a phone number in order for the system to include them.

Do I have to pay extra for this system?

Invitees using the system pay a €1.50 fee per transaction.

I would prefer to collect the money myself. Is that possible?

Yes, if you don’t want to use the system that’s no problem. You as organiser pay a group booking deposit and are responsible for paying the full balance by the date agreed at time of booking.

What if we don’t all want the same package?

Activities-only Packages – if booking as one group, at group rates, it’s the same activity package for all. If you all want to do different things then you are not considered to be a group and will have to book individually.

All-inclusive Packages – if you plan on two nights but not everyone can manage two we can also set up a one night option.
An ‘Activity-only’ option can also be added.
Please note: ‘Evening-only’ is not a standard option, as we are an outdoor adventure centre offering all-inclusive packages in order to sell outdoor adventure!!

How much time does my group have to pay their deposit?

Usually within 14 days of booking unless you are booking very early or very late!
The system will send reminders about deadlines to invitees who haven’t paid.
If anyone is having trouble meeting the deadline another member of the group can make a payment for them.
Everyone has the option to pay in full during this period if they wish.

When are Balance payments due?

If applicable – balances are due 21 days prior to arrival.
The system will send out reminder emails to everyone who paid a deposit as the balance-due date approaches, because missing the balance-due date will be deemed their cancellation.

Can someone join the group late?

If there is availability you can add people to the system after the deposit deadline has passed. Once the system has closed, they will have to pay in full by phone, plus a €35 admin fee.

Can payment deadlines be extended?

Not usually. However it is possible for one member of the party to make payment for others as well as themselves in order to meet payment deadlines and avoid admin fees.

I have missed a payment deadline and am shut out of the system

You will need to call us to pay, so we can reinstate your place. This will incur a €35 admin fee, and is subject to availability remaining.

My card has been declined even though it has funds

Are you from N Ireland using Maestro? Unfortunately Maestro is fixed for sterling payments only, so cant be used in Ireland.
ODD accept all Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards.

Can we pay on arrival instead of in advance?

We may agree to this if you have booked activities only, and booked too late to set up a payment system. You will still need to pay a deposit for the group though, and we won’t be able to reduce the balance if group size reduces 7 days or less to arrival.

What happens if we have to cancel?

All-inclusive Bookings and any booking using the Group Payment System
The Reservation Fee paid to book any package using a group payment system is non-refundable.
Payments over and above the reservation fee (excluding any group system transaction fees) are refunded if you cancel with a minimum 8 weeks’ notice.
If you cancel with less than 8 weeks’ notice no refund will be given.

Activity Bookings paying balance on arrival
If you have this type of booking, cancellation fees for full group cancellation kick in 21 days to event, and increase the nearer to arrival the cancellation occurs. Check cancellation terms and conditions before booking.

What protection do we have if something goes wrong with our booking?

We do everything possible to ensure this doesn’t happen. But, in the unlikely event it did and we were unable to find acceptable alternative activities (or accommodation) you may reschedule or request a full refund, including any reservation fee.
This would not apply to multi-activity bookings which include Hovercrafting (which is weather dependant) and are subject to prior agreement to accept an alternative experience if for safety reasons they cannot run.
Check terms and conditions before booking.

None of these FAQs answer my question

Please call or email us, or use the online chat box. We’re here to help.