Activity Extras

Activity Extras

Powerturn Dragster Karts

Yet another of ODD’s Completely whacky Hi-Octane events…
With two drivers per buggy, each with an independent engine, but NO STEERING WHEEL, you’ll experience fun at its absolute craziest!

It’s also the most fun teambuilding activity ever invented!


Archery at ODD is an experience which will leave you Quiver-ing with exvitment! (archery joke)

We’ll brief you on safety and all the tackle, show you how to hold your bow, nocking, addressing the target and taking aim then draw, hold, release and follow through… BULLSEYE!

Laser Clays

Laser Clay Pigeon is a serious piece of high tech kit, with all the challenge of conventional target Clay Pigeon!

This is a great value, novel activity – perfect for groups of any age or ability!

Clays are launched by a conventional automatic clay target trap, you need to aim and pull!

A computerised scoreboard displays records of every hit.

High Rope Crate Stacking Challenge

One of our most popular hen party and team building activities!
Your challenge is to build a stack of beer crates while standing on them, against the clock and without falling off!
Highest stack wins of course.

This is a personal challenge for many, as the rope won’t be supporting you until the stack wobbles and topples over – at which point you will be safely left swinging high and dry!

A fun and rewarding challenge for all teambuilding events, especially youth, schools and junior sports teams, and
Probably the best crate stack event in the world.

Space Hopper Racing / Tug of War

Both are an ideal short finale activity to round off a group visit. There aren’t many ‘rules’ enforced with either event – it’s very light-hearted, as it’s all about the taking part, not acquiring a new skill!

Generally it’s true the lads do prefer TOW, and the girls prefer the hoppers, so mixed groups usually do both!

But beware, whichever activity you choose as the curtain-call for your multi-activity event, we guarantee (and without charging you extra) that you will all leave with a grass-stained or muddy backside!

Perfect photo fodder.

All the above activities are only available as part of a multi-activity package.

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