Corporate – Teambuilding Activity Days


At ODD we understand that excellent team performance is the primary factor in attaining objectives.
Our events are designed to challenge perceptions and improve communication, encourage input, reward commitment, and build trust to convert individual efforts into optimum team success.

Our unique activity portfolio will add fun and entertainment to the team building challenges we create to meet your objectives; be they leadership skills, improved teamwork or a bonding event for a new project.


Showing appreciation and rewarding effort increases morale, and feeling valued generates continued commitment. A win-win situation.

Fun Days still contain elements of teambuilding throughout, so whether buggy racing or playing Splatball or Paintball, your troop will still depart with a fresh appreciation of their colleagues’ strengths and abilities, and the camaraderie such outside events stimulate.


Try our NEW fast Marlin Beast Hovercraft for an exhilarating Team Drifting Experience, jump into our 620cc Rage Motorsport Dirt Buggies for a rally team experience, Enter our Woodland Combat Zone for some paintballing or be introduced to the discipline of clay pigeon shooting receiving instruction from our qualified instructor.
ODD offers all these activities and much more!



we can organise activity-only events or include accommodation with our hotel partners, provide coach transfers, lunch and refreshments if required. All participants are provided with wet gear as needed, and all safety equipment is provided.

Off site
we can supply some mobile events to your location, such as clay pigeon, archery and teambuilding events.
For safety (and landscaping) reasons our motorised events are unsuitable for off-site events.


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