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Booking Terms & Conditions


Our standard terms and conditions apply in full to all bookings and voucher sales. Additional non-general terms may also apply, so you should check below under the relevant headings – Group payment system, Activity only, all-inclusive Full Monty party packages, Gift vouchers and Activity Weekend Breaks, for any additional terms which apply.  We may from time to time accept a booking subject to additional or substituted terms, in which case you will be advised of these a spart of your quotation and given them in writing as part of your booking confirmation.  By making a payment you are deemed to have read and agreed to these terms prior to booking.   If you have made a booking on behalf of a group, all members of that party are subject to, and deemed to have accepted, these terms and conditions.

Disclaimers, Health, Age and Weight restrictions: before booking please be aware age and weight restrictions apply. A disclaimer must be signed by each participant or for minors by a responsible adult. Refer to General Information section. If a member of your party is found to be unable to take part for age or weight reasons we will refund their payment in full.  However we strongly recommend travel or activity insurance be purchased when booking events such as those organised by ODD, to cover you in the event of cancellation for other reasons such as travel disruption, ill health, bereavement or other unforseen difficulties.

General Booking Terms

Organiser: To prevent error one nominated organiser will be our contact. We regret we cannot correspond with several different members of your party. If the original organiser cannot continue, they must advise us of who their replacement will be until completion of the booking.

Group Size: At the time of booking you will be asked to confirm the number of persons you wish to book for and to arrange payment of deposit or reservation fee. Minimum group size may apply, which will be specified on your booking or reservation confirmation. Reduced numbers between booking and arrival may result in loss of discount or other benefit if offered and accepted subject to minimum numbers. In most instances it will be possible to increase your numbers at short notice, but cannot be guaranteed. Where bookings are confirmed for a party of 10 persons or less, other parties may be added to the same activities.

Start times: and / or arrival times will be agreed at the time of booking.  We will endeavour to keep to the start times agreed but owing to the nature of the outdoor events using engine-driven or electronic equipment delays can sometimes occur. Duration times are estimates only.

Payment Terms: Payment may be made in full at time of booking, or alternatively, we will accept a deposit payment or reservation fee on booking, with a payment schedule and / or the balance-due date agreed in advance. Your card details may be held as security against late cancellation. Please refer to specific cancellation policies regarding funds. If a payment will be non-refundable you will be advised verbally and your agreement sought before payment is taken.  The person making the booking accepts responsibility for payment in full unless offered the option of a group payment system. If we agree to accept more than one card for payment of a collective deposit, all card holders will be deemed to be joint parties to the booking, and subject to the relevant terms and conditions. Bookings which are accepted with the payment of balance on arrival: we reserve the right to charge the card/s without further notice for late cancellation, no show, or failure for any reason to pay in full.   We may accept deposit or balance payment from an organiser in instalments, each payment being automatically deducted from one designated card, on a pre-agreed date. Once the full deposits has been received the booking will be confirmed. We regret failure to make all payments on time may result in cancellation of your booking without refund.

Payment Methods: Options vary depending on the type on booking you are making. We accept cheques and bank transfers for payment of a group balance if they are received 21 days before arrival.  We cannot offer credit facilities. Payments by credit card will incur a 3% transaction fee. No surcharge applies to payments by debit card.

Group Payment System: For groups of 10 or more, booing six weeks or more in advance. If an organiser opts to use this system all payments from group members must be by debit or credit card after logging into our secure online payment system. Credit Cards attract a 3% card fee. Debit cards do not. See full Group Payment System terms below.

Booking Confirmation: On receipt of your deposit or reservation fee we will send you written confirmation by email of the details and payment made, a copy of terms and conditions, and any additional or substituted terms you were advised of verbally prior to booking. Please read through all documents immediately upon receipt and seek clarification if any part is unclear. If you have not received a confirmation email from us within 3 working days please check your spam box then advise us.

Change of Mind: Except when you have booked within seven days of your event date, you may notify us within 48 hours of initial payment if you wish to cancel your booking and obtain a refund.  Thereafter you will be deemed to have read and agreed to all terms and conditions and details of the booking, and applicable cancellation terms will apply.  Purchasers of gift vouchers have fourteen days in which to return them unredeemed and in original condition for a full refund excluding any postage costs paid on purchase or incurred in returning vouchers.

Changes to your booking – by you: We will accept one change of date, time, or activity subject to availability and a minimum of 28 days notice. Changes will incur a €20 administration fee if they are made after booking confirmation has been issued to you.

Changes to your booking  – by us : For safety reasons we reserve the right to change the format of an activity without notice, which may differ from a description or image. On occasion we may not be able to provide the activity, so for multi activity or special offer bookings we reserve the right without notice or refund to supply alternative activities of equal value.  If an alternative activity is unavailable we may amend the agreed start time.  If an amended start time or alternative activity to a single event full-length Rage Buggy Rally, Hovercraft Grand Prix or Clay Pigeon shooting is not acceptable you may rebook an alternative date or request refund of your deposit.

Cancellation by us: If for circumstances beyond our control we have to cancel your event you will be notified as early as possible and offered a full refund of the cost of activities or an alternative date, except when provision of substituted activities forms a condition of your booking. If we have been unable to supply an alternative activity (or revise the package) for part of a multi-activity booking we will refund the portion of the package that could not be substituted. This does not apply to voucher holders, who will be given a six week extension to the voucher validity period to allow for rescheduling. However we regret we’re not able to reimburse travel, accommodation or other costs incurred by you, nor can we guarantee any minimum notice of cancellation.

Late Arrival: Please arrive 30 minutes before your start time. Start time is the time agreed at booking, not the time your party arrives. We regret your activity time will not be extended, nor any reduction in price made if your activity time is reduced because your party is late. Ensure you have allowed adequate travelling time, including the ten minute drive from Ballyconnell to the Gamespark itself.
For health and safety reasons, persons arriving late may not be able to join an activity if they have missed the safety briefing or tuition has commenced. Voucher holders arriving late or failing to arrive will be deemed to have forfeited the entitlements of their voucher.

Weather: You should assume your event is running, unless otherwise notified to the mobile contact number supplied to us when booking was made.

Behaviour and/or Damage: ODD reserve the right to cancel your party’s entire activity or disqualify individuals without refund for inappropriate or dangerous behaviour, or if party members appear to be affected by alcohol or other substances. . The cost of repair for any damage caused to property or equipment, either deliberately, or as a direct consequence of misbehaviour will be charged to the card of the person who made the booking.

Exceptional Circumstances: Discretionary exceptions to the above terms and conditions may be made in exceptional circumstances; evidence of such circumstances may be requested.


1. Group Payment System: If you are booking an event six weeks or more ahead, for a party of 10 or more, you can request to use our free group payment system. The initial reservation fee paid at set up of the group’s payment system is added towards payment of a booking which completes, but is non refundable in the event of cancellation.  Credit card payments are subject to 3% credit card commission fee. Debit cards are not. We regret we cannot accept payment by cheque or e-transfer if the group organiser has elected to use this system.

If price per person exceeds €60: The minimum reservation fee is the amount required to pay for one person in full. However for larger groups, bookings less then 8 weeks ahead, or for Bank Holiday bookings the fee may be Higher.  The group organiser can request the facility for group members to pay in two instalments if they wish. In which case, the group members’s first payment (which value shall be agreed with the organiser) should be paid within 14 days of setting up the system in order to confirm group size. It may be possible to pay in full if preferred. You may be able to join the payment system after the initial 14 day period for deposits, or even after final payment in full plus a €20 admin fee at the time of joining. Final instalments must be settled no later than 21 days before arrival.        

If person price per person is under €60: The minimum reservation fee is the amount required to pay for two persons in full. However for larger groups, bookings less then 8 weeks ahead, or for Bank Holiday bookings the fee may be higher. A payment deadline for the group is agreed with the organiser at the time of booking. Full payment in one instalment by each party member is then made before the agreed deadline. It may be possible to add members to the group after the payment deadline. However this is subject to availability and payment in full. A €20 admin fee will apply.

Cancellation: Payments (other than the reservation fee or admin fee) are fully refundable if cancellation is made 8 weeks or more prior to arrival date.  Notice of full cancellation must be given to us in writing by the organiser. Individuals wishing to cancel must notify us in person if they are due a refund.   No payments can be refunded for cancellation with less than 8 weeks notice. Individual group members who paid a first instalment must settle their balance no later than 21 days prior to arrival. If the balance remains outstanding after that date we will deem that person to have cancelled. It may be possible to reinstate their booking later, but cannot be guaranteed, and if reinstated, a €20 admin fee will be added to the balance due.   21 days prior to arrival we will finalise the booking for the numbers paid in full. No refunds can be given at this date.

Drop in Numbers: If some group members fail to complete payment and subsequently group size falls below the minimum for which the quote for the booking was given, it may result in cancellation or an increase in price per person, and / or loss of an offered benefit (ie: Stag goes Free). Any difference between original quotation and revised price due to lower numbers will require a top up payment by the organiser to complete the booking, as the system is unable to collect third round of payments. The terms in this section only apply to bookings using the group payment system. Please refer to specific terms below.

2. Activity-Only Bookings: Bookings for parties of less than 10 are secured by a deposit paid by the organiser which is based on the number booked. Organisers can also choose this payment option for larger groups if they wish, or opt to use the group payment system. The deposit is refundable if the booking is cancelled more than six weeks in advance, less a €20 cancellation fee.  The organiser also arranges for payment of the full balance no later then 21 days before arrival. We may accept interim payments on pre-agreed dates from the card details supplied on booking. Failure to pay on time may result in the booking being cancelled.

Paying balance on arrival: For bookings made at very short notice we may agree to the balance being paid on arrival, in which case the organiser’s card details are retained as security for the balance in the event of late cancellation or no-show, and the deadlines below apply:

  • Less than 6 weeks notice: Deposits will not be refunded for cancellation, or offset against the balance if group size is reduced.
  • Less than  21 days notice: a cancellation fee equal to 50% of any balance due will be applied if the entire booking is cancelled.
  • 7 days notice or less: Reduced numbers – Notice of any final reductions in group size must be received by us no later than 7 days before the event, can cannot exceed 20%, as indicated on your booking confirmation. No further reduction to your balance will be made after this cut-off-date. The balance will not be adjusted to lower numbers on arrival. Reduced numbers may also affect the terms offered. Please refer to general terms above regarding group size.
  • Cancellation, No show or equivalent: as a condition of your booking ODD may, without further authorisation, apply a cancellation charge equal to the full outstanding balance based on the group size as notified to us seven days or more before event. This amount will be charged in full using the card/s details you supplied as security, or for collecting payment.

3. All-inclusive Full Monty Bookings:                                                                                               

Minimum Group Size: is ten booking full package. We will also accept a limited number of additional persons wanting no activities: however they will each be charged €5 admin fee to facilitate variations in the booking.

Accommodation: is for one or two nights on a room sharing basis, which may not be en-suite. A Cash damage deposit may be required on arrival.                                                                                            

Meals: are only included if specified.                                                                                                   

Transfers: relate to one evening’s transfers from accommodation to nightlife an back only.           

Nightclub Entry: is subject to the club’s admittance rules, and offers of VIP seating or free drinks, while made in good faith, will not entitle groups to any compensation if not forthcoming, since no charge was made for them.

Deposit: if organiser is not using the group payment system the deposit payable is €40 per person for one night packages or €50 per person for two night packages. Booking confirmation cannot be issued until balance is settled in full.

Balance: final numbers and full payment of the balance is due 21 days before event, which date is referred to as the balance-due-date. If you are not using the group payment system the organiser of the booking is responsible for paying the balance. If balance is not paid in full by the date indicated on your paperwork the reservation may be cancelled without refund. Late payment will incur an admin fee of €20.                                                                                                                                                  

Reduced Group Size: Those cancelling with less than 8 weeks notice will lose their deposit. The maximum drop in numbers accepted at balance-due date is 20%. Reduced numbers may result in discounted rates or benefits given (conditional on group size) being withdrawn. No Refunds can be given after full payment has been made.                                                                                   

Cancellation: If you did not opt to use the group payment scheme and cancel the entire reservation with eight weeks notice or more you will be entitled to a refund of all deposit payments less a cancellation fee of €50.

Changes by you: No changes to your itinerary can be guaranteed after deposit has been paid, though we will try to accommodate requests made more than 28 days ahead. Changes may incur a €20 per person admin fee.                                                                                              

Changes by us: It is a condition of all multi-activity bookings that for safety reasons we may occasionally have to change activities for others of equal value, and that on occasion we may be unable to give you advance notice of change. This may occasionally require an amended start time.

Weather: If we are unable to supply any activities due to unsafe weather conditions we will refund your party that part of your package price in full. Cancellation of activities does not entitle the party to a change or cancellation of accommodation.                                                                                      

Who does What: Odd operates as an outdoor activity partner working in partnership with accommodation providers and as such no commission fees are charged for arranging these services.. The accommodation partner is responsible for arranging transfers to evening events, club entry or meals booked as part of your all-inclusive package. Any complaints relating to these services should be made directly to the accommodation provider before departure. ODD cannot assist in rectifying a complaint if this procedure is not adhered to.

4. Experience Voucher Purchase and Redemption Terms –

About these terms: On Purchasing this gift voucher the purchaser has agreed to these terms and conditions on behalf of the recipient/s.

About your voucher: ODD vouchers purchased directly from ODD are valid for 12 months unless a promotion states otherwise. (The validity period of vouchers purchased from a third party for our activities may differ.)  You can give your voucher to another person if you cannot use it yourself, but it cannot be exchanged for cash, is not refundable and cannot be extended.  Most vouchers are interchangeable. You can use your voucher to book an alternative experience at ODD and pay the difference in price is applicable, but we do not refund any difference in value.  Monetary value vouchers can be used towards a group booking or special offer, provided voucher number is supplied at time of booking.  A voucher presented on arrival which has not been pre-authorised by us may not be accepted.  Please keep your voucher safely as we not issue duplicates, and cannot guarantee to be able to trace lost vouchers.                                                                                                                       

Age restrictions and weight limits: apply to some activities. These have been displayed clearly with other information relating to the experience prior to purchase. ODD Vouchers will not be refunded as a result of purchaser’s error regarding age or weight restrictions but we will exchange the activities. We may ask for proof of age is you appear under 18.                                                                             

Health: Please take medical advice prior to booking if you suffer from any illness or condition which could be worsened by participating in an activity, or could possibly impair your safety or the safety of our staff and other participants. Women should not participate while pregnant.

Booking your experience: You will need your voucher number when booking. Please be aware that ODD Experiences are often fully booked up to six weeks in advance, and particularly for multi-experiences. Please contact us early so we can offer you several dates reserved exclusively for voucher holders. We will try but cannot guarantee to be able to supply your experience on a specific day. If your voucher is valid but all availability has been booked up to its expiry date, we will offer you the next available date past expiry.                                                                                                  

Duration of Event: The number taking part in your event can vary which directly determines the overall duration time. However your personal activity and / or number of laps offered in a description is unaffected. ‘Event’ is deemed to be a ‘Hovercrafting Grand Prix’ or ‘Rage Buggy Rally’ where you are competing with others and may be waiting for them to complete their activity in order for all competitors lap times be compared and finalists confirmed.

5. Dirty Weekend Activity Breaks: Must be booked in advance with a deposit, then balance paid no later than 21 days prior to arrival. We also accept Wed-Fri bookings for this package. Excepting voucher bookings, cancellation with a minimum 28 days notice will be refunded in full less a €20 cancellation fee.   We are happy to reschedule your event if required subject to a 28 days’ notice, but if you have a voucher it must be a minimum 4 weeks validity period remaining in which to re-book. If weather conditions prevent some/all activities running and we can give more than 48 hrs notice we can reschedule the entire booking if you wish. However if we have less than 48 hours warning we cannot guarantee the hotel will accept cancellation. In such an event, or if an activity cancellation occurs after check-in, we will amend the activities to alternatives of equal value where possible, or for non voucher holders, refund the value of lost activities.  Voucher holders not wishing to acept alternative activities will be issued a replacement voucher for the activity package only, valid to the expiry date of the original voucher plus a six week extension.   All components of theses packages must be used in one booking, are not offered separately. Additional activities may be added subject to availability. Additional hotel services such as evening meals or extra nights stay should be booked directly with the hotel. Dirty Weekend vouchers are subject to all specific Experience voucher T&Cs.

ON ARRIVAL AT ODD, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer.   (under 18’s are asked to have a parent/guardian with them)